Volume 9 Issue 3, October-December, 2023

Volume 9, Issue 4: October-December, 2023

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1 Review Clinical and Diagnostic Profile of Primary Vasculitis of the Central Nervous System
Fomino M.A., Yakovlev Z.E., Utkina F
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2 Review Anxiety Disorders in General Medical Practice
Reiser Teubner
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3 Review Impact of Massive Use Of Stents on The Immediate and Long-Term Results of Coronary Angioplasty
Babunashvili D. Ivanov , Dundua , Z. Kavteladze , Kartashov E. Novichkova , Yudin F. Medove
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4 Review Comparison of Different Approaches for Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis
B. Hugo Javier Imhof
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5 Review Synchronized Myocardial Tomoscintigraphy in Assessing the Contractile Function of The Left Ventricular Myocardium
Sencha Jela Okadigbo, Marini Balewa , Natalya Galina Pavel
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6 Original The Relation Between PCOS and Level of Serum Vitamin D in Sample of Iraqi Women
Dr. Baydaa Hameed  Hassan Al-Obaidi, Dr. Nassrin Malik Aubead
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7 Original Treatment Outcomes of Ankle Fractures in Older Adults
Karam Safaa Ali Almutairi, Adil Ismael Ibraheem,Wamieth Ali Jassim Aug
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8 Original Complex Treatment of Patients with Peritonitis : Evaluation of Anesthetic Management and Laser Therapy
F.P. Sidhu, Jasmine Singh, S. J. Verma
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9 Original Assessment of hemostasis disorders and their correction to reduce the risk of massive blood loss in obstetrics
Hari Prasad Koirala, Prem Raman Uprety
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10 Original Comparison between Remifentanil and Nitroglycerin in Controlled Hypotension during Rhinoplasty
Hevy Sherko Fathulla, Bnar Halko Ahmad Shawq, Hozan Abdulwahid Ahmed
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11 Original Infectious complications in patients with aplastic anaemia
Amar Kant Jha, Rajendra K. Rangong
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12 Original Prediction of the Development of Menopausal Syndrome after Hysterectomy in Women of Reproductive Age
Fatemeh Mahsa Khurshid, Amina Mohammed Askari
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13 Original Compliance of Diabetic Patient to Anti Diabetic Treatment 
Marrwa Abd Al Abass Al Shouk, Ali Mousa Al Mousawi, Zainab Abd Al Abass Al Shouk
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