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Journal of Medical and Surgical Practice is a is a peer-reviewed quarterly online Journal publishes original research work that contributes significantly to further development of the scientific knowledge in medical and Surgical practices including Clinical Research, Medical Education, Ophthalmology, Critical care Medicine, Radiology, Pharmacology, Biology, Public health and bioinformatics related to clinical practices. JMSP in collaboration with the global medical and surgical societies. Since, 2020, the journal published by  the Academic Journals Publishing Group (AJPG)/Austria. 

Aim and Scope

JMSP is an International peer-reviewed journal which aims to cover all Medical and Surgical sciences and its mission to develop the medical and surgical practices and increase the knowledge in this field in particular for newly practicing surgeons and physicians.
Journal of Medical and Surgical Practice  is committed to the progress made in various domains of clinical practice. It facilitates the communication and dissemination of knowledge among Medical and surgical researchers and practitioners, encompassing novel approaches, clinical and laboratory researches related to clinical practice, as well as patient care. This comprehensive study encompasses several Medical and surgical techniques, including invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive approaches. The journal primarily focuses on the publication of unique case reports, reviews, mini reviews, opinions, evidence-based research results, contextualization of novel findings through editorials, commentaries, letters, and other related content. Journal of Medical and Surgical Practice aims to publish articles of exceptional quality in a timely way. Authors are kindly encouraged to submit their papers using the online submission system or by email to chiefeditor.jmsp@gmail.com.  

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