Volume 4 Issue 1 Junuary – March

#   Article Access
1 Original article Re-evaluation of the antimicrobial sensitivity of urinary pathogens in pregnancy Get access
2 Original article Analysis of the presence of pelvic actinomycosis in women from a rural community in chile Get access
3 Original article Infection by listeria monocytogenes and pregnancy with good perinatal result Get access
4 Original article Mechanism of action of oral contraceptives: do low dose aco meet the objective of inhibiting ovulation? Get access
5 Original article Atosiban, perspectives on the etiological management of premature labor Get access
6 Original article Risk of perinatal death in childbirth, after cesarean section, Get access
7 Review article Comparison between various routes and doses of misoprostol for cervical ripening and induction of labor Get access