Volume 10, Issue 2 : April-June, 2024

Volume 10, Issue 2: April-June, 2024

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1 Original  Adnexal Tumors in Adolescent Girls Experience of 12 Years
Ritika D. Jyoti, Mukul K.S. Anup
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2 Original  Analyzing Two Surgical Approaches for Sacrocoxygeal Pilonidal Illness: Individual Firsthand Encounter
Dr. Ahmed Manea Hussein Al-abd Alaziz, Dr. Akram Joudah shayyal
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3 Original  Correlation Between Different Histological Types Of Breast Cancer and Estrogen Receptors
Rodrigo Andrés, Ibarra P. Schiaffino
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4 Original  Outcomes of Management of Iatrogenic Injuries of the Bile Duct 
Lule J. Skënder, Alban S. Fatbardha
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5 Original  Post-Abdominal Surgery Respiratory Complications at Surgical Wards of Baghdad Teaching Hospital
Dr. Ragheed Hazim Fadhil, Dr. Haidar Monther Abud, Dr. Luma Jawad Alwan
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6 Original  Comparison of Public and Private health Prenatal and perinatal Care Services 
Artur S. Fernando, Sandra C. Nament
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7 Original  Factors Associated with Poor Glycemic Control among Type 2 Diabetic Patients at Diabetic Center in Hilla  
Dr. Raid Abd Almuhssin Hamood Janabi, Dr. Mayyadah Adil Raheem Al- Janabi
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8 Original  Validity of High-resolution computed tomography in the diagnosis of lung lesions 
Sarkis B. Lucineh, Asih T. Dwayne, Katherine L. Tigran
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9 Original  Institutional Modeling as a Method of Cognition, Forecasting and Management of Medical and Social Projects 
Alen C. Boghos, Elma V. Vartouhi
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10 Original  The Incidence and Associated Factors of Missed Miscarriage Before 24 Weeks Gestation at a Teaching Hospital
Niyan Nawzad Qader, Shahla Kareem Alalaf
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11 Original  Medical and Social Aspects of Disability Among Children
Stepan D. Ari Tyler U. Anahid Mia D. Ohannes
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12 Original  Neonatal Mortality in Al- Basrah Maternity and Pediatric Hospital
Luay Hasan Alwan, Ahmed Isam Hameed Haddad, Amal Salman Majeed
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13 Original  Diagnostics value of Radiological Imaging in Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Children and Adolescents
Vina E. Eva, Lindy W. Hovsep, Isabella M. Turner
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14 Original  Clinical significance of dynamic determination of the level of viral load in patients with various types of chronic HBV infection
Brenton O. Harutyun, Wasim O Ahmed, Olivia Y. Vartouhi
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15 Original  Metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents. Clinical and genetic parallels 
Zoie P. Bertha, Simon G Banks, Taylor F. Abi
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16 Original  Effect of Urodynamic Study Before Sling Operations on Postoperative Patient Satisfaction
Dr.Lawand Sardar Abdul-Hamid, Dr. Ahmed Samir Abdulqader, Dr. Tarq Aziz Toma
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