Volume 10, Issue 1, January-March, 2024

Volume 10, Issue 1 : January-March, 2024

Content JMSPS January-March, 2024
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1 Review  Massive Obstetric Hemorrhage: Therapeutic Approaches and Outcome
Luann C. Phoebe, Silvester C. Shelton
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2 Review  Efficacy and Safety of an Alternative to Menopausal Hormone Therapy
Ursula V. Gohar, Alisya A. Shavonne, Pauliina F. Susanne,  Julia K.  Ingesson
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3 Original  Clinical, Hormonal and Metabolic Features of Hypothalamic Obesity in Children and Adolescents After Removal of Craniopharyngioma
Ghoncheh E. Lacy, Heribert Martin
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4 Original  Comparison between laparoscopic and open appendectomy in uncomplicated acute appendicitis at Al- Imamain Al- Kadhimain (A.S) Medical City
Dr. Burair Zuhair Jaafar, Dr. Mohammed Hikmat Farman, Dr. Ali Abdul-Hussein Kareem
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5 Original  Emotional Aspects Associated with Infertility and its Treatment
Navid O. Mcgee, Fadi P. Bridget
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6 Original  Corona Virus and Pregnancy Outcomes in Iraqi Population
Dr. Suham Abbas Hassan, Dr. Tagreed H. Hatem, Dr. Mysoon Sami, Dr. Abeer Nazhan Noaman
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7 Original  Hypospadias from Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis to Postnatal Management
Silvester C. Shelton, Jovannyne S. Kaitlynne, Tuula E. Gunilla, Martina W. Ericson
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8 Original  Incidence of Keratoconus in Patients Presented to North Eye Center
Mahabad Nasruldeen Majeed, Didar Sddeq Anwar, Ahmed Yahya Hassan
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9 Original  Incidence of Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction after Cataract Surgery
Sadir Samir Abdulmasih, Didar Sddeq Anwar, Goran Mohammed Abdulla
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10 Original  Importance of Pelvic and Lumboaortic Lymphadenectomy in the Surgical Staging of Endometrial Cancer
Robert L. Elias, Phoebe K. Solmaz
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11 Original  Preoperative Preparation of Patients with Multifocal Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease
Phoebe K. Solmaz, Mathias D. Hubert, Geise V. Anton
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12 Original  Vertebroplasty in the Treatment of Spinal Pathology: A Clinical Trial
Jovannyne S. Kaitlynne, Fawn P. Vadim
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