Volume 6 Issue 2 April – June

Volume 06 Issue 02, April-June  2020
Editorial: Coronavirus disease 2019 Pandemic and Safety Measures -WHO Updates Recommended by editor-In-Chief
1. Hypertension in Austria : Systematic Review
Rohla  M, , Haberfeld H
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2. Management Methods for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
Jeniver S. Mark, Fredrik N. J
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3. Prevalence and Predictors of Overweight, Obesity and Hypertension among Undergraduates of a Southern Nigerian University
Ofoegbu, Felicia O.; Alonge, Hezekiah O.
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4. Prevalence and Outcome of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Byer M. K, Rodriguez F. J, Madesson L. A
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5. Partial Purification of Extracellular Lipase from Soil Fungal Isolate
Danial K. Moo
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6. Ultrasonic assessment in preoperative cataract patients
Mohammady N. Samal
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7.Road Traffic Injuries-Risk factors and Outcomes –A Cross-sectional study in Emergency Department and Forensic Medicine Center-Ain Shams University , Egypt
Mostafa  Kamal Omar, Ramadan S. Solaiman, Randa A. AlHakeem, Noor Mohammad Zaki
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8. Awareness and control of Diabetes in Austria –Multi-centric cross-sectional survey
Tscharre K, Huber t, Warn W.
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9. Predictor of Academic Excellence in Southern Nigerian – A study among Health Sciences Students
Tarik M. Hasan, Othman Mohammed Ameen
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10.Outcomes of Cholecystectomy : Open Versus Laparoscopic Approaches-A prospective Clinical Trial Among Saudi Patients
Al Erian M.Ghanim, Aldiab Hassan Ahmed, Al-Ghamdi  Mamdouh Abdurrahman, Al-Zahrani  J. Shubair
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11. A retrospective Analysis of Annual Mortality in Rozhhalat Emergency Hospital Erbil- Iraq
Jwan Jimhur Hamza, Halgourd Fathulla Ahmed , Haval Faris Mohamme
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12. Trend of COVID-19  in Jordan during the 1st half of 2020 Pandemic
Mansoor Y. El-Khateeb, Abdul Khader  Ajlouni, Anwar Bofatieha  Hashem Jaddou, Kamel Rawashdeh , Mohammed  Abdullah, Dalia Hawas, Albaraa Ahmed
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