Volume 7 Issue 4 October-December, 2021

Volume 7, Issue 4: October-December, 2021

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1 Updates on COVID-19  Treatment, Read more Link
2 Reuters : Daily COVID-19 infections and deaths data for 240 countries and territories around the world, updated regularly throughout each day.
Covid-19 Global Tracker
3 Review Article  Metabolic Syndrome and 10-year risk of myocardial Infarction 
Willin B, Mons J, Friden S
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4 Original article  Association between birth weight and cardiovascular risk factors in adolescents
Briet L, Monti J
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5 Original article  Incidence Of Stenosis in Graft Renal Arteries Anastomosis in Kidney Transplantation Using Two Different Techniques
Yousuf Mohammed Alhallaq, Salam Madhi Shahid , Yahia Muhaisin Ali, Harth Mohamed Kamber Al-Saadawi
 6 Original article  Risk Factors of Local–Regional Recurrence of Invasive Breast Cancer
Dr. Marwah Falah Hasan, Dr. Ahmed Mubarak
7 Original article  Association of Helicobacter Pylori and Liver Hydatid Cyst  A Clinical case-control Study among Iraqi Patients
Dr. Zainalabdin Ali Abdulhassan, Dr. Hamed Zubala Hamza, Dr. Khalid Rahi Al-Yasseri
8 Original article  Re-evaluation of the antimicrobial sensitivity of urinary pathogens in pregnancy
Versalinkov N. Hilani
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9 Original article  Juvenile Dermatomyositis and Pregnancy
Mazin Abo AlMaali Ezuldeen, Morad Mohamad Nasir AlJibaly
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10 Original article  Risk Factors for New Onset Diabetes Millitus after Live Donor Kidney Transplantation in Erbil Transplant Center
Ali Abdulrahman Al-Tabbakh, Safaa Ezzuldin Nooraldin, Majeed Hassan Mahmood.
11 Original article  Sepsis and Meningitis in Clinically Lethargic Neonates Confirmed by CSF examination
Hayder Mahdi M. Khaleel Al Khafaf , Aseel Mohammed Ali Kadhim , Ayad Meran Hussain
12 Original article  Comparative Clinical Study of Efficacy and Safety of Benzoyl Peroxide Gel Versus Adapalene Gel as Monotherapy for the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Acne Vulgaris
Dr. Hezha Abdullah Ali , Dr. Saba Ali Rasheed
13 Original article  Association Between Exaggerated Blood Pressure Response to Exercise with Masked Hypertension in Persons with Normal Blood Pressure
Ali Rashid Mustafa Kaka, Mudhafar Abdulrahman Habeeb
14 Original article  Surgical Management and Outcome of Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Dr. Khalid Jasim Daham , Dr. Kadhim Ismaiel Hamel , Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Khorsheed
15 Original article  Characteristics of Dermatological Manifestations in COVID-19 Patients
Dr. Jihan Hamodi Mahdi and  Dr. Saba Ali Rashid

16 Original article Factors Associated with Compliance to Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment Among Iraqi TB-Patients in Al-Najaf
Dr. Matheel Alzubaidi
17 Original article Role of Hysteroscopy Prior to Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and its Impact on ICSI Outcome
Israa Abdulnabi Al-Nedaw , Azhar Mousa Al-Turaihi, Wasan Adnan


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